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    Poison Apple Alchemy Potion ~ Ultra Banishing ~

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    poison Apple Potion 2oz.
    0.20 LBS

    Product Description

    Witches Alchemy Potions have long been brewed through out time.  A Pinch of this a Drop of that… stirred to
    create a powerful infusion of magickal intent.

    Enchanted Witchery Alchemy Potions are crafted in the Old Tradition. 
    Steeped with in the Kettle for hours, sometimes days
    to produce a powerful blend intended for magickal workings.

    Potent and concentrated,  Enchanted Witchery Alchemy Potions are to be used Sparingly…
    a few drops is all that is need to produce a magickal result.

    Lighter then a traditional Witches Oil, they can be used to Anoint Candles, Ritual Tools,
    Prepared Poppets, Magickal Bags, Charms & Spell Papers.

    **These Potions are not intended for consumption.**

    Unleash their powers in your magickal workings, rituals & rites.


    Just the very words Poison Apple can stir the imagination to conjure images of  the  forbidden fruit.  The one that has the delicious appeal to taste but is deadly when eaten.
    This Potion has been one in my own personal collection for decades, handed down through the family as one to use when powerful Banishing is at hand.
    Used in Spell Workings to rid one’s self of harmful situations.
    It can be used to Banish Evil Energies that are stirring about.  Remove unwanted people who wish you harm, cast upon you the Evil Eye.  Those that you feel are seeking to destroy your Happiness,.
    It can be used in Binding Rituals to remove bad habits, thoughts, and anything that no longer serves a purpose in your life.
    It will not seek to harm in anyway, but will get the job done fast.  Enticing what it is directed upon to be fooled by its sweet delicious scent, grabbing hold to take a bite and when done is destroyed.
    One of my favorite ways to use this Potion is to anoint a Red or Green Apple colored Candle.  Place it in a bowl of Sea Salt with sliced Apples surrounding it.  A letter of Fate is placed beneath the bowl & upon a piece of mirror facing down to the Earth.  Your letter will protest what it is that you wish to Banish.
    The Salt will act as a conductor, The Apples a drawing temptation and the candle dressed with the Potion the Fuel of the Spell.  As the magick escalates what it is that you seek to banish will be drawn in, transformed and released back to the Earth to be buried and Gone.

    You will receive:
    1  ~ 2oz. Bottle of Poison Apple Potion.
    A Pleasant scent bursting with Crisp Apple.

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